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Web Design For Dummies
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Get up to speed on the newest technologies, tools, andpossibilities in web design Have a great idea for a web site but don't know where or how tobegin? Web Design For Dummies, 3rd Edition is an idealstarting point! Fully updated to cover the latest and the greatestin the world of web design, this fun-but-straightforward guide getsyou caught up with everything you need to know to organize yourideas, create a template, start development, test to make sureeverything is working properly, and launch your finished site.Packed with invaluable advice on incorporating social mediaaspects, linking content with social sites, and designing formobile devices, this book will have you web designing like a pro inno time. * Highlights the many significant changes in the world of webdesign since the previous edition, including the introduction ofHTML5, new technologies for sharing media, mobile web design, andmore * Zeroes in on effectively using color, text, and navigation * Reveals helpful advice for avoiding common pitfalls * Details ways to connect with social sites like Twitter andFacebook Web Design For Dummies, 3rd Edition goes beyond justmaking a basic web site and instead encourages you to create a sitethat is appealing, practical, and useful.

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